Tuesday, November 11

I'll Get It Someday!

I'm a movie addict and so it's one of my dream someday to have an entertainment room with a huge tv, surround sound system and a home theater seating. All that are essential in watching a movie to totally enjoy it! Well, it's not easy to set it up of course. First you gotta have a space then you gotta have a money,LoL! That's not what I can come up right now but I'm hoping in 3yrs from now, I might be able to afford what I wanted or with the help of hubby, it wouldn't take that long for sure! Right now, we are going to spend a lot of money for the basement in the farm house. He wants a new fully furnished basement in that old house. Me and my father are working on the floor. Just removed the carpets on the 1st floor and the hard work just started removing those nails and boards that is such a pain! Anyways, it's not bad to dream and wish something...with perseverance and hardwork, certainly that's attainable, right?hehehe!