Tuesday, November 11

It's Almost Here!

Can you believe that it's already November? AND when this month comes, we know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner then comes Christmas right after that. Time flies by during these busy holiday season and I am just thankful to God that I have the opportunity to celebrate it with my father but still it isn't complete without my mom around. I know that she will be here soon, I just have to wait patiently and when that time comes, next year, we can all celebrate these holiday season as one BIG family!!!

Are you guys prepared for the Thanksgiving? I have my cards all set and for the food, I normally get it at the last minute and for Christmas, it's the same thing but I make sure the cards are all sent out as early as possible too! We all know that there's so many things to do in our list during these times and how to make it simpler? easier? How about try buying online for gifts and even for Christmas cards - there's so many ways you can be creative with your cards like having a Holiday Photo Cards {which I totally prefer} It gives that personal touch, you know! AND always interesting to see faces on the card, right? Check for any of your card needs!