Friday, November 28

Not Feeling Well

I bet everybody had a bountiful meal yesterday from Thanksgiving celebration and pretty sure some are still munching away from those left over just like I do! Right now, I'm taking it slow coz I haven't been feeling well during these past few days. Even the kids have cough and cold and worst is hubby who actually had a fever last night. Glad to see him feeling better this morning and he's back on the farm since there are projects laying around there and needed to be done before Monday. Meanwhile, my father is on his way to Chicago and I wish I can go coz there'd be a party tonight there and of course, I'd love to see our family friends again but then - with us not feeling well here, it's a bad idea to travel but hopefully once my mom is here, we might just go over there to bring my father back here. He might go for a visit here during the holidays if he can get off from work {that's IF he is working there} but I'm pretty sure in no time he'll find a job there! So, now I'm back to my old routine and no one will cook for me no more,hehehe!