Sunday, December 14

Eat More!

Even if I know that I'll be surrounded by temptations {sweets, fatty food and all that} at a party...I still made the effort last night to make it to the The Fil-Am Christmas Party and well of course, a chance to meet Filipino around town! I totally had a great time but one of my girls isn't! To think she's the one who pushed us to this event,hehehe! I mean me and hubby was at the point where we decided to just stay home but my eldest said that she really really wanna go and so, with a little bit of motivation from hubby and my girls excitement, I went ahead even if I knew we were late! Well, not too late for the food. Men! I haven't seen so much food in a row of tables before!!! I mean if you are struggling with your weight and yet cannot avoid those palatable meals infront of you, you better get your diet supplements ready! LoL! Parties is always a chance to relax, have fun and of course, you cannot ignore the, all we can do is to eat moderately...nahhh! I'd go for it!LoL!