Wednesday, December 3

Farewell Party

It was just several weeks ago that we welcomed my father here in US and last week, we bid goodbye to him as he leaves for Chicago. It wasn't really part of the plan but I've always known that his friends there offered to let him stay at their place and to help him find a job. We've decided to go for that after we tried applying for jobs here in our town with no luck! Hopefully he gets his luck in Chicago! The main goal really is to find a full-time job that can cover his health insurance and my mom as well. They wanna make sure, before my mom gets here, she's all covered. He'll come back once my mom is here with us so, it's for the best that he's there with his friends and pretty much he's all covered with everything. He left last Friday and from then on, party everyday with all his friends there, LoL! I'm sure right now, they are working on a job for him *wink*