Sunday, December 14

Go For Lasik!

I am lucky that I am a healthy person. get sick often especially winter time but it's usually just the common cold or nothing serious so, I am really thankful for that! My parents however aren't so lucky, aside from having health problems which are common at their major problem that they have is their poor eyesight! It's really bad that they have to wear glasses when reading. I have to type BIG BOLD letters just to make sure they see it clear during our chat sessions! Well, if they have the money, I would definitely suggest the laser eye surgery! I have a lot of friends who had this surgery and they are definitely happy with the result! It's painless, safe and effective so, why not try that rather than wearing eyeglasses that are definitely a hassle.

The LASIK technology is very impressive knowing that LASIK has been tapped by the Department of Defense and NASA to help improve the eyesight of those who works in a demanding task and crucial situations. The result was amazing! 95% of the 100 military men showed an amazing 20/20 vision achieved. That alone tells how effective it is. LASIK has been validated to be safe and effective by the NASA and Department of Defense. You can get more LASIK information online and see if this is something you might consider.