Sunday, December 14

Life with My Girls

Recently, I've read some controversial blogs out there about potty training and spanking. I was buzzed by a friend who felt so down when a lot of moms out there reacted on her actions. Although, I cannot blame them, still I feel so sorry for my friend since she has no purpose whatsoever to offend any moms or hurt her child. All I know is that she loves her child and she's a good mom. I'm glad that right now, there hasn't been anymore of that controversy or it stopped!

Being a mom is tough! It's the toughest job out there and those who doesn't understand that should try it hands-on in anyway they can to fully know the nature of motherhood/fatherhood/parenthood. No matter how you try to be a good one, your patience will always be tested. No one can ever be perfect but we can all try to be a better one! Although, I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom, I also hope to become part of a workforce out there especially in times of money woes {never liked to ask or rely on hubby's salary alone} but if given really a choice between building a career or a housewife, I'd surely stick being a housewife {isn't it obvious?} and sometimes got the pressure from other people who tells me I need to get a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment and they think getting a degree and working out there is the only way. I respect their opinion but as I grow with my gave me the satisfaction that I've been longing for and I believe I have accomplished something really BIG by simply being a mother of two, nothing more, nothing less!