Thursday, December 11

New Lib!

Ever since we moved, I missed a lot of things that I used to do {I mean at anytime}. Even if I always see my friends and spend time with them, it's not the same as to just one phone call - hey, let's go shopping! let's get a cup of coffee or something like that and things like "I need to get some hopia today at the Filipino store" know, things were convenient, things that I am used to. Familiar roads, familiar places, familiar faces...

Well, I got different routine now being at the apartment but it's changing from time to time. Now that the farm house is totally unlivable with people working on our basement, electricity cut off and water, it's no longer a place where I do my laundry, hang out or even stay for the night. Well, I know time comes when we can totally reside there...

As of now, I try to explore what this city has to offer. Good to know there's one nearby Asian store where I can get my hopia in times of craving,LoL! One mall that I'm not really thrilled about but fun enough for my kids to hang out at their playground. Familiar stores - GFS, Sam's Club, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Meijers and all that {well yeah, those are definitely everywhere!LoL} AND of course...the library! Now, I'm definitely starting to feel like one of the locals here!hehehe!