Friday, December 12

Working at Home

Ever since I became too busy with moving and jessica being in school plus getting my father over here and all that, I lost a lot of transactions and opportunities online. Even lost track of all my bloghoppers since I haven't had the chance to visit bloggers and join memes and tags like I used to. Well, things have changed and I'm just doing what I can here to still make a little bit of extra cash. It was great when I first started! It's something like having a home based business although it was taking away so much of my time. That's how it is when you work but the beauty of having it at your home - you don't have to worry what to wear, you can sneak in the fridge whenever hungry and still do ordinary things you can do at home while making the money! Well there's always pros and cons. I never thought I'd come back active in blogging again. I was at the point where I wanted to make an entry just once in a blue moon. It might happen again but for now, I am back to the old days...and see if I can snag more opportunities!