Saturday, March 29

Slowly Accumulating

I am slowly shopping for the things I got to bring for my trip. I know how everybody is excited to see me and that includes their "pasalubong" {something for them}! I remember back when my father was working abroad, oh gosh! to receive a box was like something so exciting and especially when he was coming home. Couldn't hide our excitement for all the items he brought,LoL! Now, I'm just thinking of items that aren't so heavy to carry with me like clothes for my siblings and parents, baby clothes for my niece, some food, household items and more! I have been piling up my shopping bags in one room and I don't think I'm done yet,LoL! Now, I have to fight with one box to fit everything in it!

Should You Call The Doctor?

I just took a test at about When Should You Call the Doctor. Honestly, I scored poorly since most of my answers is calling a doctor right away. Well, truth is, if my kids get sick with cold or cough and fever below 101, I normally just give them medicine and keep them drinking lots of water. BUT at those questions from the test, some are just new cases to me that I don't know what to do really. It is such a good information to all parents out there so, pls. take time to do the test. I tell yah, you'll surely be glad you did!

Out of the Blue...

The other day, I told hubby to come home safe since he was leaving for a trip late in the afternoon and he always have a problem driving at night. That makes me worried, not that I don't worry when he's driving at day time, in fact I always do. Just out of the blue, I told him don't leave me with everything up in the air right now. That means we got our farm and I am going to the Philippines soon plus it would be our first time to enroll Jessica in school and my parent's petition is in the process. He just replied in his old silly way "don't worry hon, I got my life insurance set". Well, even if he was kidding, in reality, that should always be a priority to anyone. Although that's the least thing in my mind since I am most worried of everything he's going to leave behind and of course, I couldn't imagine my life without him!{knock on wood}.

Monday, March 24

Party At Sonia's

Easter is the time of the year where we celebrate the day when Jesus has risen! He is our Saviour and we are thankful for all the sacrifices He has done for all mankind. That is why we gather together along with our family and friends and those who are dear to our hearts to have a feast and be joyful! My sweet friend Sonia, invited us for lunch and have so many activities for the kids to enjoy...Always wonderful to be around with these gals and kiddos!

So Many Food

Oh yeah, so many delectable dishes on the table yesterday for Easter celebration that my friend has prepared for us! Of course, we brought along some desserts and salads to a more bountiful celebration! With all these temptations right in front of me, I couldn't stop myself from chowing down and I always regret it later on. Why so? I just don't get enough exercise and I don't have a balanced and healthy diet that I end up hating my belly fat! Although, I don't think I'm fat but I am just disappointed with my routine. If only I have a treadmill here at home, I might be able to start a routine where I could do an exercise even just 30mins. a day. Right now, fingers are the only one having a lot of exercise typing this keyboard!LoL!

High Performing Workforce!

When it comes to employees, there's a lot of advantages for your company or business having them but it comes along with disadvantages as well. You might get some motivated and effective workers but there's also those who fail to do their responsibilities well and you cannot always rely on. The reasons may vary but there's what you call a performance management that is a tool to develop, assess, motivate and have a high performing workforce! This software can be found at where they offer award-winning Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite! The software is so easy to manage and have tons of features explained at their website. So, visit now if you are interested!

Friday, March 21

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow!

I've been planning to post this before but I just keep forgetting or maybe just have too many things to do, I guess. Just wanted to share my moment with all the kids while baby sitting. Actually, the 1st time I babysat for another 2 kids along with my kids, it was a bit chaotic and I couldn't stand it but after several babysitting, I started to know their strengths and weaknesses, their behavior and character, I am able to adjust myself and have a harmonious and fabulous time with them!

One time, I decided to play "freeze" with them and it was quite funny actually coz I told them the rules and when I say stop in the middle of their dancing, they can't move. One kiddo told me you say "freeze" tita not "stop",LoL! They surely had a great time hopping, twirling and dancing and I did too! It's more fun when you dance with them rather than just being the facilitator,LoL!

One Memorable Museum!

When our anniversary is coming up, we always think of a family vacation ideas and come up with a plan! That is how we celebrate our special day and having it as a family is always a blast! This year, we did it a little too early...went to Florida and spent about a week there last January knowing that on July {which is our anniversary} we would be quite busy - moving into a new place and probably have my parents around here, I hope! Well, we always see to it that our vacation is worth it and we have so many memories to live by!

We do all kinds of stuff like camping, hiking, visiting scenic places and museums. Talking about museums, one of the nicest one I've been to is the one at Chicago! There were Egyptians, gem collections, stuffed animals, meteors and so many other cool stuff! After the museum, we stroll around and check out other places there. That city is really beautiful and there are so many things to do in Chicago!

Even if we've been traveling all the time, there's still so many other places that I haven't been to and would love to go to! New York is one in my list! Would love to see the statue of Liberty or visit town square and even check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Hubby thought of taking a tour if in case we'd go there together. Like Trusted Tours and Attraction would be something we will consider. It's nice to try one of the tours and be able to see the best attraction in town with less hassle and more organized tour! Cool thing is, if you sign up for their newsletter today, you have a chance to win an iPod Nano! So, hurry and sign up now!

Tuesday, March 18

Barking Like Dogs!

That's how it is here right now with me and my 2 girls coughing every now and then...First Jessica started to cough a little bit over the weekend and getting worst then I started having a sore throat Sunday night and cough the following morning. Now, Katie shows the sign of having the same thing as well. Hubby now has to stay away from us, he better be to still go to work and not suffer with us here, hehehe! Well, I just hope this virus won't stay for long!

Friday, March 14

BIG Favor...

After I had a chat with my sister last night, I thought of giving her our old laptop that hubby almost never uses nowadays! He got his new laptop last Christmas. Well, I was planning I'd go ahead and buy one for myself too but my plan was changed when my sister told me she's getting married. I have to save my money for the trip. Wouldn't wanna miss her wedding, of course! So, now...I feel like buying her a laptop instead so she can do her research for school and do some blogging as well since our old pc is totally ancient and always crashes down. Money is just the question. I got too many expenses to think about so, I don't think I'd be able to afford one right now. Well, I'm kinda hoping when classes start for this school year, I'd start working somewhere and by then I'll probably can afford my own laptop and who knows, for my sister too! No need to ask hubby *wink*

Computer and Networking Needs

When I first moved in with hubby, there were so many things that I didn't even recognize and doesn't know what it was for. So many manly stuff laying around his garage and office room and I guess that's part of being a guy! They own too many crap!Kidding! Well, in fairness, women have plenty of stuff too that men doesn't understand,hehehe! I don't complain much about his stuff as long as it's useful and he keeps it in the basement or his office!hehehe! one of the many things laying around is for his computer and networking needs such as cables, HDMI switches and more. I often wonder why he has too many but I guess it's part of his job since he is always working with machines and computers.

Page Rank Booster

Tagged by Ice, although, I'm not so sure that this really helps you gain some pagerank, I still like to join the chain since it's worth taking a shot and well, I never really pass on tags unless I forgot about it or lost the link,hehehe! Anyways, thanks for this Jan!

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My Choice of Earrings

Most of the things I love to shop aren't only clothings but also designer jewelry and other accessories. I've always been a shopper and will always be!LoL!I could even stay at the mall all day or go there almost every week,hehehe! No harm done as long as I keep it within my budget. My budget really ranges from even a buck to more. I mean, I don't really look for expensive ones as long as it looks good on me, I'll wear it! When it comes to earrings, I prefer dangling or chandelier style BUT I am open for anything, any style! Don't these baby looks fabulous?

You can find them at where they sell contemporary handcrafted jewelry. Everything they have are kind of unique, artsy and stylish!

Monday, March 10

Weekend Snapshot

Weekend was quite unusual! Hubby and I made our own plan like for Saturday, he's off to a show with a friend while Sunday was for me to go shopping with friends BUT none was accomplished since we had a snow storm here!

It slowly accumulated about Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. We ended up with about 15 inch of snow here. So, hubby spent all day shoveling the drive way since the snow blower was not tough enough to handle that much snow...

I stayed home inside until I was done with my laundry and helped him a bit outside...

Looks like a trooper eh?

So Worried

I just got a message from one of my best friends in the Philippines that she got a private message from a stranger and she really felt bad even if the letter was flattering that he liked her BUT with a note that he prefers "chubby" - that exact word squeezed her heart! This friend of mine has always been so thin and trim but nowadays, she gained a few pounds which i think is just enough for her height but she is just so worried that she signed up for a gym class. Told her if only I could sign up with her too! hehehe! Well, gym is one way to push yourself to do some exercise and loose those unwanted fat and there's also top diet pills that you can consider as well. I am just optimistic on the thought that we will be living a different lifestyle once we are on the farm and hoping we can stay active!

Friday, March 7

Friendship Chain

Here's a tag from Kim and I'd like to pass this along to all my blogger friends here! Just a quick note about Kim, she's actually one of my 1st blogger friends in friendster and she was such a resourceful and helpful pal who always provide us with codes and answers back then.hehehe! I'm just glad she's back at blogging once again...Thanks for this TAG Kim!
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The Friendship Chain:
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Will Be On The Road

Yep, we will certainly be back on the road today going back home. It's only about 2-3hr drive so, it wouldn't be that bad compared to our previous long trip to Florida and 7hr drive to PN. This is just another one of hubby's business trip that is convenient for him to bring us along. Too bad the weather in our place predicted a 3-6 inches of snow so, our plan to visit the glass factory today will be cancelled since we needed to get back before dark.

I always like to help hubby in driving but since we are using his company car, I can't be the one driving just in case we might ran into trouble and it's not legal for me to drive that car. It's always a good idea to drive your own car and of course, always good to have a car insurance as well. Both would keep you away from any trouble!

Wednesday, March 5

Question of the Week

1. What’s your favorite candy? butterscotch
2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Why? Home. I think anywhere as long as my family are all together!
3. What was the last movie that made you cry? The Atonement
4. I wish someone would invent………? a robot housemaid - no per hr fee
5. Have you ever experienced being scared to death? Please share... I think most of my life I've been always scared to death, even when my kids get sick, hubby coming home late, my family back home are sick...things like that!
6. What time is it now? 7:45am
7. What’s your favorite flavor of cake? of course, chocolate
8. Your favorite pair of shoes? my skechers, so comfy!
9. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? nope
10. Have you ever hung up on somebody? not that I can recall of...

Longevity Supplement

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Spice Up Your Marriage!

Being married for almost 7 yrs. made me realize that it isn't always love and romance. You hit so many rocky roads and you struggle to understand each other. This is quite normal since men's brain is so different from a woman's brain,hehehe! The thing is, no matter what, it is very important to always reconnect and still try to fire up the romance every now and then despite of the busy life especially when you have tend to disregard your time with your spouse since you are most occupied by your responsibilities to your kids. As they say, it's always good to add some spice to your life. Use your imagination! A simple thing like babydolls have something for you to surprise your hubby *wink*

Monday, March 3

You're In Trouble Missy!

I was able to capture my youngest when she made a horrible mess on our counter top! We have a bar stool that she uses to climb up and dig through our cabinets and this isn't the 1st time she did so. Hubby caught her with the powdered milk and this time the choco powder, tsk...tsk...tsk... You can tell on the look of her face, she knows she is in BIG trouble,hehehe! I just thought it's soo cute so I grabbed my camera and took a pic!LoL!