Wednesday, April 30

Going Green!

That is mostly what is being promoted lately. Some people who care about our planet really gives the effort to go green in a way where they buy hybrid car or building an eco-friendly home. For those who generate their own energy through solar, wind or geothermal, I've seen many houses like this on HGTV, you better check your local insurers to avail with the green home insurance policy that cover your home and even your hybrid car! It will also pay an extra 2% to 3% to rebuild with sustainable materials. This might be something you'd be interested to look at!

Whew! What A Relief!

I was really worried for Jessica. I have had some potty issues with her. Long ago, she always have an accident because she was either too busy playing or wasn't interested to go potty when she was having so much fun! Then last month I struggle with her on how she cleans herself. She doesn't really target where she needs to clean and that's the reason why she can't keep her undies clean. Then last week, I noticed that she've been using a lot of undies lately and all were so dirty then I thought she just wouldn't sit down patiently to wait until she's done so, that's why she keeps doing it several times a day. Now, last Friday that's when things went to the worst! She was really changing many many times and I keep cleaning her many many times and it's been going on for 6days!!! UNTIL today, when I let her stayed in the bathroom for long so she won't have to run and not make it coz I thought she has a diarrhea...I gave her some things to play with inside the bathroom so, she'll stay and asked her to sit in the toilet if she feels it. Then after about 2 times she did little by little which was what's been happening all week, I heard her scream "mommy, I finally pooped!" So, I ran and try to clean her again but I was so shocked to see a HUGE thing in the toilet! Oh boy! I couldn't believe it! That made me realized she was constipated. Poor girl! No wonder why she can't control her bowel movement and she has to do it many times in one day...After that, she stayed clean for 4hrs now and hopefully tom. she'll stay like this...I can tell she's really happy and I am too!

She's Ready For Chores!

My eldest that is! She is 5 and a half years old and hubby believes it's the right time to give her chores and learn some responsibilities. At tender young age like that, he thinks it is the best time to engrave it in their minds and behavior and I think this is right too! As long as the chore is something attainable for their certain age. We ask my eldest to tidy up her room and toy room even sometimes our kitchen is something that she can clean up! My youngest who's 2 and a half can be trusted to pick up her toys after playing if I ask her to. Just putting away stuff is already a great way for her to learn some chores. The best way really is to have a chore chart and thank goodness for who offers a free printable chore charts where you can download it online and no need to pay and spend some money for that! A chore chart can help you organize a calendar-based chore list so, this is really something worth checking out to all parents out there!

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, April 29

My Bday Is Coming!

Okay, I'm not announcing this to ask for gifts,hehehe! Actually, I'll be the one giving out something! Yep - I'm serious...just a little something to celebrate my birthday...A GIVEAWAY to anybody {well, make sure you have a paypal account to join}. Just CLICK HERE to win $50!!!

Monday, April 28

Weekend Snapshot

From my busy day at the farm last Friday and Saturday, I managed to snap my camera a li'l bit and aside from kid's playing {3 entries below} are some of the flowers I spotted around the yard...


When Is The Final Move?

I don't know either! Even if we have our farm place now, I am still unsure when is the exact date that we are moving. Everything really has to be in place before we can start the move. That farm house needs a lot of cleaning to do inside and out. Last weekend, we did everything we can and accomplished quite a lot! I scrubbed all the carpets and the toilet and hubby worked outdoors to burn stuff and clean up the yard to make it safe for the kids. He still needs to fix the pipes and toilet in the ground floor. If that house is clean enough to live in, then we need to start packing and have moving boxes ready! By then, we have to clean up this house too for sale and hubby's idea to have carpets replaced and walls painted by the time we are out here is the way to go! Hopefully, we can sell this place as soon as possible to start with our renovation at the farm house. I really can't wait to improve that place. I know it takes time but I am so impatient when it comes to that.hehehe!

Home Security

The first time I saw our farm place, I'm kinda hesitant to live there. The fact that the house is located away from the street, makes me uncomfortable! Growing up in the suburbs where I can see houses nearby and people walking down the street, that's really my comfort zone but by being here, it's very different and I've adjusted well and now moving to a little bit isolated at the country, I think I have a lot of fears to overcome! I don't like the fact that all I see are trees around but I know our neighbors is just across the street and people in the farm are quite friendly and they are more helpful to their neighbors unlike here, you only wave hi-hello! I guess I just need more time to adjust but I told hubby that I'll be more at ease if we have some home security products like what ademco is selling! That's one of our priorities there and it's nice having that in your home to have a peace of mind and feel safe!

Lovin' Their Bikes!

We got Jessica her 1st real bike last Christmas but she has no place to ride it since it was still winter time but now that it's warm enough outdoors, she always love riding it! Even our little Katie got her own too {passed from her sister}. It's quite funny when Katie tries to ride her bike...since she cannot reach the pedal, she just ride it like flinstones with her 2 feet!LoL! They really have a great time with their bikes and even at the farm, when we go up there, we always try to bring both!

Thursday, April 24

Oh Boy!

That's what my reaction was when I went upstairs and heard the bathroom faucet was on! I knew my daughter is up to something, something that she shouldn't be doing and there she was, playing with water and soap! It's tough when they already know how to open the faucet and I cannot always keep an eye on them so, I just try to check in when it's very quiet and they aren't bothering me at all. That means they are busy doing something! Well, at least they didn't fill the tub with water.

Sleepover at the Farm

We are going to spend a night at the farm tom. and we'll be working at the house with ma-in-law by Saturday. Kids always love it whenever we come up there! No, not the work part, all they do is play of course! They ride their bicycles, play in the sand box and run around. So many things to explore for them and just half a day, they end up getting so messy! Good thing that house got their shower faucets working so I can always give the kids a shower! And so for them to get dirty again, LoL!

Wednesday, April 23

Wordless Wednesday

Guess what it is...

Coz I really don't know!


Monday, April 21

Problems with My Tires!

Gas now is getting very expensive and I've noticed that a 5 gallon of gas doesn't get me that far. Well, aside from the high cost of it, hubby just found out that I have some problems with my tires at the front. When he was driving my van last week, he knew immediately there was something wrong. No wonder why it's taking so much of my gas! He just told me how lucky I am that the tires didn't blow up on me! That would be horrible! He is always worried for me whenever I'm on the road and getting an online auto insurance is the least thing he could do to make sure I'll be fine in case I got into an accident {which I hope I'd never get into}. He would give me helpful tips like hours when I should avoid the road and streets where it's safer to drive because he knows he couldn't stop me if I want to go somewhere. Now, we have to drive my van to get it fixed. Probably tom. morning since I was so lazy to get up this morning,hehehe!


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Wednesday, April 16

One Afternoon...

...spent some quality time with my family yesterday afternoon at the nearby park! We always try to take a small hike whenever warm weather is here...

We passed by few of those who are walking their dogs and one that was so tame and nice where my Katie couldn't resist to pet...

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Wordless Wednesday

Our Farm House

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Monday, April 14

No More Dry Eyes!

With my life revolving on the pc everyday, I sometimes end up with a very dry eyes and suffers from a headache. If that happens, I normally just leave the pc and do something else not involving any computers,hehehe! I have some friends who suffers from dry eyes and not a clear vision. I'm just glad my vision is still perfect...20/20 but my friend suffers from wearing eye glasses and each time she's driving or facing the computer, she has to wear those glasses! I better tell her to start using Acuvue Oasys that is way better than eye glasses! With a contact lens, you can always keep it fresh and clean using eye drops and you don't have to wear any eye glass! Better yet, she can get it at a good deal with 1-800-GET-LENS! One great place to find major brands and types of contact lenses without paying too much! YES! You can definitely save up to 70% below retail because they offer direct to consumer market so, you get it for less! Not only you can save a bunch but also have the convenient of shopping online without hassle and wasting your time going store to store. Isn't that pretty? Why not visit where you can get contact lens with just a click of the mouse and don't forget the savings that you could get!

Wednesday, April 9

Sleepover with Kiddos

Last Sunday, we spent all day at my friend's house and decided to have a sleepover there too! Kids were really excited and my friend lorena, was already set for it since we made a deal she'll stay in our house Sunday night to watch my kids early morning on Monday for my dentist appointment but since we were already at Guads and she's having a 3day off, why not just spend the night there?!We totally had a blast, cooking, eating, snacking away, watching movies, playing, chitchatting and everything else there is to do!

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We Have a Cat!

Actually, it's a stray cat from our farm house. Hubby told me that the previous owner has 2 cats that he feeds and it will stay with us for sure! My daughter is really thrilled knowing that it will be her first pet. Well, it's not really a house pet since the cat is so used to living outdoors and it's kinda like a wild one. I know some people who owns a cat and they have their own cat condo too which is pretty cool! Cats need their own space too so why not let them have their own condo or furniture?hehehe! As for our cats, they are comfy cozy outside so, no worries!

Warm Days Are Here!!!

Winter is finally over and now we can enjoy some nice time outdoors!!! Last weekend, we were at a friend's house and we let the kids play out in their backyard! Oh how much they loved it! They look like they were birds being thrown out of a cage,hehehe! They could play outside forever IF they could and it's pretty obvious when we asked them to get inside for dinner, they would never go in IF they have a choice,LoL!

Builders Needs

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Wednesday, April 2

Wordless Wednesday

Hubby's Growing Tomatoes 'n Peppers