Saturday, June 28

"Let's Go to the Pool!"

That's my kids favorite line whenever we stay at a hotel!They just couldn't resist the clear water that looks so tempting to jump right on! So, the first night of our trip last Wednesday, we dipped in the pool and kids wouldn't even want to go back to our room and it was past their bedtime! The next night, we did it again for my kids' amusement,hehehe! And even on our last day early morning while hubby's workin' they still begged me to go swimming and mommy just wants to tuck in bed! Anyways, here are some pics taken by hubby...

gotta love swimming!

Drug Development

Most of the places and companies that hubby works at are pharmaceutical laboratories. Being a chemist, he specializes in laboratory equipments that analyzes the chemical component of anything. He used to work for Nestle Company in about 10yrs or so. Good thing he no longer works there coz I'll end up fat right now having to eat all the chocolates he used to bring home. Now, he got his own company that provides services for laboratories. My knowledge about chemistry is limited but for sure hubby knows about the drug development process and that's what Irysis Inc. specializes! What the company does is providing a pharmaceutical product development contract services and with their scientific and regulatory experience, they sure has establish a good name when it comes to any drug development process. You can learn more about what they do at

Friday, June 27

Translation Please!

You know how it is to be in a different country and you neither speak their language nor understand it! Some people carries a book with them for translation, others learned it online, at school or any programs available out there. It's really cool to speak different languages. I can speak only 3 and it gives me an advantage, a little bit! Would be better if I can learn more than 3! Anyways, I'm talking about translation here because I just found out recently that there's such a thing as translation services where it specializes with government, medical, insurance and workers compensation interpreting. Interpreters Unlimited is the company that offers this kind of service. A lot of insurance companies turn to them and trust their Language Translators, ASL Interpreters,and Spanish Translation! Check out all the language list they offer at in case you might be needing one or more for translation.

Oh So Good!

As mentioned on my previous entry, I had the best tasting biscuit at Regatta Seafood Restaurant! I tell yah, it's no ordinary biscuit like what we always get from restaurants. This ones is the best! Why? Because it's just so darn tasty! It's not too oily or dry...just perfect! It also has this crunchy layer and a soft texture inside AND with a honey butter on top, no one really can beat it! Oh so yummy!

What Do I Inherit?

We were just discussing hubby about the future of our kids. It's the main reason why hubby work so hard and it's our priority to put them into good education. Although we don't have much, we made sure that we are able to have our will and testament all set, just in case...It made me think, I didn't have anything I could inherit from my parents! Maybe some land in our farm. It's not much but it's something. Did you know that you can even get an advance inheritance like what they call inheritance loan for those whose an heir to a probate estate. Inheritance Funding Company can provide a fast cash advances to heirs when you need it right away! You can easily apply online at their website, and within 5-7 business days, you can collect cash advance from $5,000 to a hundred thousand dollars! Expect a corteous service, fast processing and competitive pricing form Inheritance Funding Company!

Thursday, June 26

Get More Out Of Your Radio

Like listening to a certain talk show in the radio while driving? How about some great music either in your own room or in your car? Now, you can even have a better listening experience! How could it be better? Well, my friend, you can expect more from your radio by having it digital! That's right! A high definition radio is what you need to have a better sound quality that is definitely crystal clear and CD-like! No hiss, distortion or loosing a radio a station! If you get this advanced broadcasting in radio right now, you'll get an AM station that's an FM quality sound, an FM station with quality sound, more channels, new radio stations and so much more you can expect!!! Not only radio lovers have some good news...those who are iPod lovers as well can try this cool iTunes Tagging! This is one cool way to capture those songs you hear from your radio and wants to hear it again. Just by the tag button, you'll be able to save the title of the song. Learn more and explore what can offer!

Feedin' Those Ducks!

...AND fish are the things my kids enjoyed at the Regatta Seafood Restaurant yesterday. It was nice having a bountiful dinner right after spending good 3hr stroll at the mall! That resto is always a great place to stop by, have some dinner and drinks with the fun of feeding fish and ducks at their great BIG pond outdoor! Only thing is, those delicious crunchy and oh so buttery biscuits (best tasting biscuit i've ever had, believe me!) are all thrown out in the pond...yeah, they use it for feeding,LoL!

Wednesday, June 25

Always Out Of...

...pens! I hate it when I need to jot down something and couldn't find any pens around the house! I know there's hubby's office but he keep that locked down so, the kids wouldn't touch anything including me!hehehe! I gotta get some office supplies just for my own space! This pc and a little table is my space here but I need more! I guess in the farm house, that's what I really need to consider. Having my own room, with my pc and stuff, you know?! There's so many things to get first to have that place all nice and comfy, only trouble! Gotta sell this place! Geez, where to begin? Hubby's starting his garden (good for him) bad for me though, that means more delay in fixing that old house!

Question of the Week

And if you’re joining;
+ try to leave some love to the others! Specially to the one up above you :)
+ A link back to this post or to this blog would be appreciated. So that others would know and join!
+ If you have sets of questions that you like to ask, email it to me. And we will post it next week!

1. Which do you dislike the most, pop-up ads all over your screen or spam e-mails? *Both! Good thing I have a pop-up blocker!

2. When your plate has different foods on it do you usually mix all the foods together, keep them all separate, or do you combine only certain foods? *I try to keep them separate but when it's soup and rice, I mix it all!

3. Have you ever snooped in your significant others things? How does it feel? *Yes, when I just got here and I was always left alone at home while he's out working. Bored, so I decided to snoop his emails, files and cabinets! I was furious when I found an email of this Filipina girl from Canada, asking about me and sounding like she knows everything about my hubby's life {sure looks like a penpal to me that he didn't get rid of!But he said they were just friends and I demanded him to end that communication! }. Also found some pictures of this pretty white girl on his cabinet and I knew it was her X! So, I took them all away and he was ok with that. I just can't remember where I put them,hehehe!

4. Describe your morning ritual to me. *Drink coffee, feed the kids and myself for breakfast, sit down in the pc and start blogging away!!!

5. You run in to a friend while out shopping. Where are you? *at the mall perhaps!

6. Would you rather miss the beginning or the end of a movie? If you had to? *the beginning. I can always catch up!hehehe!

7. Which is worse? Being in a place that is too loud or too quiet? *too quiet! I can handle noise, either loud music, kid screaming, everybody yelling! Hey! I came from a noisy country so, it's all good to me!!!

8. Which is worse? Being under age or being over the hill? *I don't see both as worse since being under age only means not a lot of responsibility and being carefree is something I miss! Being over the hill, well...that only means you gained enough wisdom and experience to be wise and I got no problem with that!

9. What kind of perfume do you wear? *none. I only use VS perfumed lotion

10. Would you rather change your past or know your future? *Know my future. Past is what molds me to who I am right now and I wouldn't change a thing! The future always seem uncertain for me so, I want to know what it is!hehehe!

Tuesday, June 24

Advanced Billing!

Everything now seems to be either online or electronic! I just asked my father to renew his passport and they just told me they send it to Manila - electronic application! Pretty neat! You want to apply for a job? Post your resume online! All that gives us more convenience, saves us more time and effort, right?! Well how about those bills? What I mean is, those medical bills? There's a great solution for all the Medical Offices,Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists,Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists, Physiatrists,Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and many other Specialties! Turn your medical insurance billing to more advanced billing professional!At they can help you with a full service for medical billing so, all the collected fund go directly to your office and will be invoiced on a monthly basis! Talking about full service! That's what you get, really! This electronic billing allows you to reduce your headache, problems and overhead! This only means, you can improve cash flows, improve accuracy, reduce employee expenses andNo cash flow interruptions when staff turnover! You can't get any better than that! So, visit to get the most competent and efficient service when it comes to medical claims billing and processing! Go electronic billing today!

I Couldn't Help Myself!

Whenever we are at the farm house, hubby always suggest to bring my pc with me {I would pick his laptop but he won't allow me to use that, LoL!} He just thought it's a good thing to have around there while he's out working! He knows I get bored easily and I'm not really a farmer kind of girl. I like nature but just for sight seeing, hiking and photography...other than that, well...I'll pass! With work? Most are manly job for the barns and the farm field so, I'll leave that to hubby too...So, what's left for me to do than...

A Short Trip!

That's what we'll be doin' the rest of this week! Tomorrow we will leave to Kentucky for a quick job that hubby's goin' to do! He'll drop me off at the mall while waiting and later, we will have our early dinner at our favorite restaurant there with a nice pond view! I always enjoy goin' out there. The ff. day we'll go drive to West Virginia for another small job again and he'll be spending the rest of the day with us at the glass factory! I'm excited to see how they make those awesome glasswares!

Short trips or longer travels are both something I enjoy! I like having a vacation, who doesn't? So be it just one night, weeks or months, they are all worth it!hehehe! How awesome it would be if we could spend one vacation with one of Rocky Point rentals?! I think that would be fantastic especially the beach front views! ahhh...just wishful thinking! BUT really! It could be reality and as I checked out, I couldn't help but to plan our next family vacation! You better check it out too if you want an ultimate family vacation or even a romantic trip! Whatever you want, as long as your goal is to unwind and have some fun...then better check out the website now!!!

Can't Stop Thinking...

...about the furniture I just bought and all the other tables that can go with it! I haven't bought any end tables or coffee table yet but we looked around yesterday and found some that I like! Today, I checked online once again and found even better choices! It's making me confused and that only means, I gotta take a lot of time to really find the right one! No rush...just so excited to have them all together in one have a relaxing place in our farm house even if the house needs a total renovation, at least one space could be comfy and homey!hehehehe! Just sharing my thoughts here...couldn't contain my excitement!

Illinois Nursing Home Neglect

We've heard it before in the news, elderly patients in a nursing home dying from neglect or abuse! It is something sickening and I really pity the elders who can't fight for their rights and are helpless! All of us will become old one day and we don't want to be worthless at all! It is not always easy to take care of the old ones so no matter how you love your parents or any elderly relatives, some will turn to nursing home in the hope that their loved ones will be taken care of. That's not always the case though! For any illinois nursing home neglect, there is that tries to implement House Bill 3445 to help protect those who cannot protect themselves. The chicago nursing home abuse attorneys are fighting against any neglect or abuse that the family has to bear the consequences of no or little compensation or recourse. What illinois nursing home negligence lawyer wants is to implement nursing home liability insurance to give what the disabled, frail and aging dereves!

They're Lovin' The Farm!

I could just tell that my kids love being in the farm! They pretty much spend their day playing outside. The only time they go inside the house? whenever they're thirsty, hungry or need to use the restroom! Well, it has to do with not having television too! It's quite difficult here for them to have an activity outdoors coz there's nothing much to explore compared to our farm and that's why it's easy to turn onto tv whenever they're's few of the things they've been doin' at the farm!

and yes! that's a worm!

Monday, June 23

Become a PowerSeller Today!

If you are good at selling products, you can do better with shopster! If you want success and make a lot of sales in an easier way then you should know what shopster is! It's simple, they are the Wholesale Dropshipper Product Source. They offer the best e-Commerce, why the best? Because it is not just another e-commerce software out provides dropshipping, online storefront and an auction selling tools. Have a professional looking auction listing on eBay or any other websites! Sell more stuff easily from their dropship products too from over 130 suppliers. Dropshipping is something you would surely be grateful of! No need to stock your own products, you will avoid the "supply chain" which includes stocking products in warehouses and maintaining accurate data on those products, preventing fraudulent orders, shipping orders to customers, and processing payments (from customer; to supplier). All that will be taken care of by shopster so, all you need to focus on is just making the sale! I've been doing the selling process on ebay before and to be honest, it's really a time consuming job and it can be quite stressful especially dealing with outside the country sales! If you have the supply chain solution, that can surely lighten the burden for you and that only means, you can succeed on your online sales! Try their software now for a FREE TRIAL so, you can understand how it works!


I found this from one of Haze blogs and I'd like to jumped right in to join this meme...

Question? Are you a good mother? or Do you have a good mother? Share with us!

1)Copy and paste the question.
2)Write a few lines about the assign question and put your name with links afterwards.
3)If your not a mother yet you can still join and share about your mother instead.
4)Copy the other answers as well as their links before your own answer and links.
5)If your done then tag one person only.......

***I am a mother to not only one but two adorable kids. And based upon what I've experienced, all through these years, I will honestly say that I am not a bad mother at all. Also, I am not that great either nor perfect. I have fault and everyone does. All I can say is, I have become more and more patience now and have learnt from and correct my mistake to become a better Mum for my kids. I strongly believe of desciplining a child as young as they can be. I am not perfect and yet I am perfectionist. If you know what I mean! I am quite strict but also can be softy. And most of all I have a great respect for my children. I wanted them to be happy, to be independent and also teach them to be God-fearing individual. from Haze of UK

***I believe I am a good mother. I may not be a perfect mom but I know deep down inside I've been good as a mother to my children! It's easy to judge someone on how they take care of their kids but it really comes down to, how much do you love your kids and what do you do to show your love. Other mothers can be away from their kids for so long but that doesn't mean they're not a good mom at all. You don't know what they really feel inside that only the mother can feel. Discipline is one good way of showing that you love your kids. I discipline my kids and sometimes I cannot avoid to get mad, later on, I feel guilty and I believe that's a sign of how much I love them! I might find time to be away from them but that's because every person needs to unwind, either from work, school or even from their kids. Anything can drive you crazy if it's too much! But hugs and kisses, you can't have too much! So, I give them all that as much as I can. - Jenny from

Tagging Yen!

Sunday, June 22

Calling Back Home

I called my family twice yesterday after knowing that my father's passport is almost expired! I am just in shock and disappointed since it will take a week again to get it renewed. It has been asked by the National Visa Center here along with other documents. They cannot give him an interview appointment yet if we don't submit it! It's just slowing down the process but I know it will come to an end, hopefully soon! I don't usually call my family since it cost a lot. With the yahoo chat, we maintain our communication that way but with with such a cheap rate for international calling cards, I can talk for an hour or more with my family! It's just different if you talk rather than chat. It's faster and easier to understand. They have the best deals for Philippines calling cards so, it's good to try it especially for those who got a family or friends there or anywhere in the world, they cover about 153 countries for all phone cards!

Easy 4th of July Cake!

I was just discussing with hubby what we could bring for the 4th of July party at a friend's house. He suggested anything that is ready and you can easily buy at the store. He used to like me making anything from scratch but now with everything getting expensive, it's not really worth making something from scratch! It's cheaper to have a store bought food but I still like to make something though! When I found this cake, I knew it would be something I can easily make!!!
2 pints of strawberries
1 recipe of your favorite white or yellow cake (mix or from scratch, your choice)
1 1/3 C of blueberries
1 tub of whipped topping

Serves 12

Mix up and bake your favorite cake mix or recipe. Let cool.

Slice 1 cup of strawberries, set aside. Halve remaining strawberries, set aside.

Top cake (in pan) with 1 cup sliced strawberries, 1 cup blueberries and all of the whipped topping. Arrange remaining strawberry halves and blueberries on whipped topping to create a flag design. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Learn More About Your Money

How often do you check your credit score? Do you have lots of debts right now? These are all important questions that you need to find out! For sure, most people could care less about their credit score but it's something that is crucial for your financial health! When you got tons of debts, I'm sure you aren't happy about it and it feels like there's no freedom. You can easily loose everything if you don't manage your finances well and that's why you need to Learn more about your money at It's a place where you can get resources to save money! It's better to start now and check your financial health before it's too late. You can even take a simple and quick test about your financial status and when you're done, you can get some great advices and tips on all the things that has just been asked from the test. Visit now and start managing your finances and your life! Take control and live freely!

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

Saturday 9

Although it's already Sunday right now, I wanted to try this new meme I found from Yen! Hopefully, if I have a chance every Sat. I can join, what about you? If you'd like to try, visit here!

Saturday 9: Summer Movies and Oil
1. The other day I purchased gas for $3.96, which was less than the $4.37 my local station charges per gallon. What is the current gas price in your area for regular?I just got here in our farm house and along the way, I pumped some gas for $3.89!

2. Will your vacation plans be altered by the price of gas? Yes. We cut back on our driving since the gas prices went really high!

3. Is there any movie this summer that you're looking forward to seeing?Right now, I'd like to watch Zohan for something to make me laugh!

4. Gas prices aside, what is your favorite vacation destination? The Philippines!

5. Will you watch more film on DVD than in theaters this summer? Yeah. It's cheaper.hehehe!

6. Will you fly anywhere this summer? Not sure.

7. Guess: How high will a gallon of gas peak at? Geez! I hope not high, but low...hehehe!

8. Will gas prices effect who you vote for in this fall's election? Yes.

9. How much will the price of home heating oil effect you? In this farm house, good thing gas is free!

Saturday, June 21

Protect Baby, Protect Mom

I remember when I was having my 1st child and was asked by my gynecologist if me and my husband was interested in something like preserving the baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells. I learned that it can potentially treat major disorders. It was something new to us and we really haven't looked at the details. Now, I found out more about Cryo-Cell Innovative Stem Cell Solutions from and it is something that parents should think about and perhaps consider it to protect your family for any future diseases.

Cryo-Cell's "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" is a combination service that they offer that serves as family's healthcare investment. Cyro-Cell is the largest family cord blood bank and storage service so, you are guaranteed to get what you pay for! This exclusive combo is a 100% match for mom, even mom's 1st degree relative like parents, siblings and her child. Visit now and find out about their "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" Special Limited-Time Introductory Offer! You can save up to $920 but this offer will end on June 22, 2008. So, you only have one day left...hurry and avail their introductory price now!

Saturday Social

This is something new to me. Thanks to Yen for introducing me to this unique tag!

Saturday Social Badge

Today’s Saturday Social Question:

Do you have any siblings and do you get along with them?

My Answer:

I have one sis and one brother. Me and my sis are really close I guess since the day I was born! She's been my hero and my strength! Although, we fight sometimes, we don't stay mad at each other for long and most people think we are like best friends, which is the case! About my brother, well...we seem to always get irritated with him especially when he was younger but most of the time, we get along fine. I love them both and I know they love me too! We keep in touch everyday and I miss them so much!

This week I am tagging Norms, Ice, Arlene, Chikai, Micamania, Nita and Racel

Saturday Social Rules:

  • Post your answer to the Saturday Social question(s) in your blog. Be sure to put in a link to this entry and the blogger who tagged you too!
  • Come back HERE, sign Mr. Linky and why not leave me a comment too ;)
  • Tag your friends… better yet, tag a stranger (what a great way to meet someone new!) You can tag 1 or 100, it is up to you. The more you tag, the more you will meet.
  • Visit other Saturday Social participants by clicking their names in Mr. Linky!

Hopefully when all is said and done you will have met some new bloggers, gained a few new readers and had fun!

Happy Socializing!

Friday, June 20

Watching My Expenses

I do a lot of shopping lately and eating out either with friends or my family and I know it's not that much but if I calculate my expenses in one week, it's probably a LOT! With the gas prices soaring high, that's what really killing me. I am just thankful I don't handle all our finances coz we'd probably end up being broke since I'm not good at managing finances. Well, some people depends on a paycheck to paycheck. Others even consider payday loans when they ran out of cash and next paycheck is way too late for what they needed right away. It can be a BIG help for those who ran into an emergency situation that involves money. As for me, I'll stick with what I have and try to stay within the budget.

Just Can't Stop Spending!

Just yesterday, I end up spending money by just stepping at Macy's store. I was there to pay for my bill and after clearing out my debts there, I was tempted with all their red eye-catching clearance mark downs! Yeah- I'm a sucker for that! I bought about 4 pairs of shoes {not just mine but for my kids too} and some accessories. I can understand how can someone can spend all what they earn and even before they could get their paycheck like getting cash advance! It's something convenient and easy to obtain if you qualify but gotta be careful, as long as you are responsible enough to pay it right away as soon as you get your next paycheck! As for me, I make sure I still have something left at my savings, nothing much but at least something!

Missin' My Barkada!!!

I can't help but to miss my circle of friends in the Philippines even if I have a bunch of wonderful friends here. They are all special to me, here and there but these girls have been my closest friends ever since we were in grade school. We went to the same school, live in nearby communities and grew up together! I just couldn't forget the million moments we spent together and I'm always glad to have a chance being with them every time I come back there for a visit! Miss yah all girls!!!

Thursday, June 19

When Life is At Stake!

When someone's life is in danger, what's the first thing you do? You call the police or an ambulance right? One thing to consider is an air ambulance for emergency service and one thing you can rely on even if it's non-emergency is AeroCare! They can provide medevac services at the most cost effective price! Of course, you'd expect the highest level of aero care and highly trained medical flight crews! Those are important things to consider for an air ambulance and AeroCare knows that! Guaranteed to have medical supervision to each flight, specialists, state of the art medical equipments, flight nurse and flight medic and more!!! Visit for more services that they offer!

Tired of Cooking!

I just bragged about the pansit I made in my other blog but now, I have no desire to cook any dinner! Well, this isn't unusual, really! BUT at least I made something for lunch. Just a simple stir fried shrimp and string beans with a little oregano, salt and pepper and viola! It's a meal! My kids liked it! Now, for dinner...dunno really! I'm tired of chicken and there's no more shrimp AND redmeat is a no-no here, so what else is left for me to make???!!! Hubby said to wait for him, he'll cook something...hehehehe!

Working at Home

Most people think it's wonderful to work at home but it's really not that simple. Yes, of course, you have the luxury of time to choose when to start working or when to stop. You can always spend time with your kids too every now and then. Problem is, it's hard to get things done too! There's the chores, kids and temptations like television, phone calls and all that. It's a matter of discipline alright but you will surely be looking for an adult interaction. Just like working outside. Well, I guess it's better either way. Right now my blogging is my part time job and I'm considering to expand my source of income. Looking into franchise opportunities seems to be interesting! To find a profitable home based business ideas is one great way to expand my opportunities!

Farewell Song

During my trip, although I was missing my kids and hubby a lot, I was pretty glad that I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends and family back home {I guess home 2 coz home 1 is here,hehehe}'s one video clip I'd like to share where it really makes me smile whenever I play this one...these guys with me are my close friends since I was little and we grew up in one place where we became really good friends! Missing them a lot! {FYI: this was already 3 in the morning and we've been waking up neighbors for fiesta!}LoL!

Coupon Codes

Gotta save from shopping! It's one of my favorite hobbies and I know even if I get a couple of things every now and then which are inexpensive, they can add up at the end of the month! Perhaps in my Macy's credit card bill,hehehe! Just yesterday, I hurriedly drove to Macy's store after getting home from a friend's house when I realized my bill is past due, tsk...tsk...tsk...! Well, good thing there were no charges yet, maybe I wasn't that late! I like shopping at Macy's and with my card, I am able to get some discounts too! Discounts is really important for me. This way, I don't pay full price for an item and that means I can shop more,hehehe! Even Coupon Codes are very helpful too especially on my online shopping! Yes, it's for real! You can save a lot using codes from and the most awesome's not only for stores or merchandise but also for movie tickets, travels, college and education and more! Check it out now if you are just like me who loves discounts, sales and overall HUGE savings!

Wednesday, June 18

Next Celebration!

My friends and I are planning for Independence Day Celebration! We talked about what food we are making, what we gonna do and I know we'll have a great time. I'm just glad we are still here to celebrate it with my friends coz pretty soon we'll be moving! I was looking for some recipe I could make that's perfect for the occasion but instead I bumped into this craft that's easy to make! I think I might try this with my kids. I'm sure they'll like it...

Festive Fans

These stars-and-stripes fans are fun to wave while waiting on the sidelines for the parade to begin.

If you're planning an Independence Day party, check out our other ideas for Fun on the 4th.
Wooden paint stirrer
2 (8-inch) squares of card stock, one white and one blue, for each fan
Red tape
Sticker stars

Time needed: 30 Minutes or Less
1. Use glue to sandwich the top of a wooden paint stirrer between two 8-inch squares of card stock (one white and one blue).

2. Apply strips of red tape to the white side and sticker stars to the blue side, and the fan is ready to wave.

Better Get Another One!

That's what I've been telling myself about having a new web hosting! Although I got 2 different host right now and so far I'm happy with it, I was thinking of adding a new one! It's been great since I got my own domain and why not get another one? Well, I'm still deciding which host I should get but with, it should be easy to choose! They provide a good comparison table wherein features and reviews are right there! This way you can easily compare and choose among all the web hosting companies! For sure it's a daunting task to filter and find the right one. It's lovely to just have them all in one table and start weighing the pros and cons against each web hosting sites!

Lovin' My New Fon!

After knowing that my cellphone that I just bought a year ago wouldn't work for the new phone service we have, I was really excited to look for the one that can work with the new service! You see, I always like changing my cellphone! It's just a shame that I paid about $130 for that phone not knowing that we'll end up changing service this year. Actually 6 months before I bought that one, I had a Motorola Razor but wasn't really loving the slimness of the phone. That's why I tried the Samsung T629 to have a taste of slide phone and now I'm back to a flip phone but not as slim as the Razor and I like it...A LOT! Hopefully, this will stick with me!hehehe!


Shoes is one of my favorite things in the world and even if hubby thinks I am crazy buying shoes all the time, I still couldn't get enough and I'm sure most women are like me!Hehehe! Guys, well at least most guys, are the opposite! They can live with a pair of tennis shoes, work shoes and dress shoes - they are fine! Usually, I buy shoes for hubby but he never likes it. He is more of the simple kind of guy. If only I could let him wear designer shoes that's definitely sleek and classy! Just like what is selling! Tons of Italian shoe selection, exotic skin shoes and sneakers! Check the website now for those who like that kind of style!

Overnight Fun!

I was asked by Lorena again to babysit and this time I invited myself over for an overnight stay since my Tuesday afternoon is free and besides, it's easier that way so, I don't have to drag the kids early morning to go to her place {she works starting 8am so gotta be there before 8!} It was indeed a fun stay and I always know kids will love it being together. As soon as we arrived at their doorstep, boy! Her kids and mine were all screaming like they haven't seen each others in years!!! LoL! Glad that everybody got along fine so, we took them out to Mcdonalds earlier for a treat!

Tuesday, June 17

Electronics Fanatics!

When it comes to electronic stuff, I am more into that compared to hubby! I like having gadgets and new technology but for him, as long as it works and it's useful, he'll go for it! When it comes to video camera, digital camera, cell phones, tv, laptops...I have more interest to look into the ones that have cool features and he is more into looking for the one I like on sale, hehehe! To get discounts and savings is very important for him but I'm the one who wouldn't mind paying full price IF I really like the item! Right now, I am thinking of getting my own notebook coz hubby won't let me use his! He thinks I can bring in a lot of problems since I visit a lot of URLs and downloading all kinds of stuff,LoL! So, better have my own!

Got My New Phone!

Ever since I got back from my trip, I don't have any cellphone I could use! Well, when it comes to phone I got so many here around the house but what I mean is the service. Hubby cut off our T-mobile since we got lots of problems with them and he was trying to find one that can work at the farm but nothing so far! I've been goin' nuts not having any mobile phone with me and buggin' hubby to get me the new LG Voyager at Verizon until the day finally arrived when he was ready to sign me up with another contract, I realized LG Voyager doesn't have a slot for my bling-bling,hahaha! So, I end up with another flip fon from Motorola and I also tried the Bluetooth headset and so far, I'm happy with our new contract and the cell phone AND the headset!hehehe!

They Love Being Outside!

I remember when I was a little kid, my mom would yell at me for not being home late afternoon! I was always outside playing with the other kids. Back then, I could just play all day outdoors without worrying about the sun, the heat, food or anything! Just like my kids. If they could have a choice, they'll stay outside all day!LoL! BUT during summer days, I always make sure they're indoors around 12noon-4pm when it's really the hottest time! Just to run around at our front yard, they are as happy as can be! Just look at these faces...

Friday, June 13

Take Control...

...of your finances that is! It's not always easy to manage debts. Perhaps, it's very easy to acquire one with your credit cards or loans available, you can easily drown into debts and no way out! Now, take a grip of your life and start taking control of everything. You can either get a credit counselor or maybe a debt consolidation that can help you repair your credit record, evaluate your finances, start eliminating debts and become debt free! There's variety of programs that can lead you through that same goal which is to become debt free and you can find out more at today if you are ready to take control of your finances now!

Perfect For This Weather!

A nice cold juice or iced tea OR a popsicle, better ICE CREAM is something I could really appreciate this time of the year! I know it's fatty but hey! Who cares?! It's cold and yummy and it refreshes your body!hehehe! That's why the kids requested it last shopping day and boy they were that hungry/thirsty for ice cream! They whoop it down like in a matter of minutes!hehehehe! Here's tita Lorena trying to be a kid...well, as u can see, she can still pass off a as kid,right?LoL!

Insurance for my Van

Having my own van is not easy...although it's convenient for shopping, running some errands and going out, it can be quite pricey too with the gas prices soaring high and of course my insurance as well! Hubby's being hopeful and trustful that I won't have a crash coz one crash can be a disaster! Not only you risk your life {knock on wood} but also your insurance will go up! Good to know that there's Insurance for Vans that can offer you better and cheaper rates! Which one? Well, of course not all and that's why it's good to know about AutoNet Insurance Group! They offer unbeatable van insurance quote! So good that they even guarantee to give your money back if you can find a a cheaper quote within 48 hours when taking out your policy! With up to 70% off van insurance, why not check it out at! For new policy, you get a special discount. Certainly something really nice to have after all, prices of gas, food and other commodities, almost everything is getting very expensive! Something cheaper is nice to hear so, go check it out today! What are you going to loose? In fact, you might gain something *wink*

5 Crazy Kids!

One kid can be quite a handful and add another one, it's a bit 3 more then that's crazy BUT fun for sure! Last time we were at the mall, they couldn't help but tease each other, laugh out loud, run around and chasing one another. It was really that crazy and hard to manage but at least 3 moms against 5 kids was good enough to keep them down once in a while,LoL! While we were tryin' on some clothes, they were busy playing too and once they saw us taking pictures, they want one too!LoL!

More Pics at MY OTHER BLOG!

Custom Home Building

That's what I prefer to have rather than restoring the old farm house. Although, it's nice to have something historical but then it's a lot of work and having to live with how it is, kinda tough for me. I want to design a home the way I like it. Just like right now, the closet is wayyy too small! Yes, you can do renovation but how I see the place, it looks like it needs a lot of time and money! So, I'd rather spend it on building a customized house like schumacher homes! They have combined custom and value in one! Makes you think it is very impossible to meet your expectations, wants and needs in a custom built house BUT they make sure you can have one at a reasonable price, and that's the way I like it!

Changed of Plans...

I was hoping I could post some pics here from the water park but we decided not to go since it was like above 90 degrees yesterday and so, we just cooked lunch at my friend's place and baked some cookies for the kids. It was better to stay indoors where it's cold and comfy. Boy! The heat of the summer can really be too much sometimes, can make you appreciate the winter days, LoL! Well, maybe sometime when it's not that hot and overcast, we will try to bring the kids at the water park once again...

Thursday, June 12

Religious Keepsake

Coming from a Catholic School, I grew up learning how to pray from Preschool and learning about God since a little kid, we've been taught how to pray the rosary. As a matter of fact, I became the President of Children of Mary in High School and I handled Rosary Prayer once a month in our school. This has been a big part of my life and even now, I was previously a member of a rosary group here. My dear friend gave me a religious jewelry which is a Rosary so it was just perfect! It looks like that one in the photo. I hang it in my mirror of my van. This way I always feel safe while driving!

Going To Waterpark

Last night, my friend and I planned to bring our kids to the water park today! It's already the season for that and I'm sure lots of kids will be out there since it's summer break once again...It's really nice to have places like that around where you can let the kids have fun and adults too! Yeah, I've seen a bunch of mommies running around with their kids there getting wet as well as daddies! It's really something different from swimming in a pool. This is more like a running place with water squirting from the ground and a li'l water falls on the side of the rocks. Gotta get swimsuits and sunblock ready...and oh yah, my camera too!!!

Fire Safety Training

In times of emergency such as fire, we always count on to our fireman and paramedics who will be there to help us! We know that they go through such training where they know what they needed to do and how to tackle such emergency situation. My sister has learned her first aid training from a caregiver program but here, there's online training center that can offer cutting edge continuing education for First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics. It's nice that they have videos and animated illustrations to help you through the training program. Just like an IFSTA firefighting training videos is one great prep material right before you can do a hands-on practice session. Now where can you get this? Visit today and find out more about their Online EMS Continuing Education.

Her 1st Real Bike!

My eldest daughter has always loved her tricycle. Kinda like her li'l bike but it was just a crappy thing we bought at a garage sale. For a couple of bucks, we got more than we paid for since she was really lovin' it from day1! Now, that she is way too big for that, we bought her a brand new bike that she really liked from the store. Last Christmas, that was our gift for her and she was really surprised! It still got its training wheels but soon we will start teaching her to use without the training wheels!

Wednesday, June 11

Easy Solution!

Talking about weight, I've been thinking of enrolling once again in the gym but with all the expenses and upcoming expenses we have right now, I don't think it's practical to spend money there. I cannot really discipline myself to create a regular routine of exercise here at home. I tried renting DVDs before for pilates and exercises but I got tired of it. I guess I could try a diet pill but some of it really is for those who wants to get rid of a lot of pounds. All I need really is to trim my body. Have some tone in some areas like tummy and arms and legs. Pretty much I'm happy with how my body looked like. I'm just afraid to neglect all the little pounds that add up and later in life, I would wonder how I let myself go....and I don't want that to happen!

Been Munching All Day!

It's the time of the month once again when I get bloating, headaches and cramps...I'm sure you guessed it right! Aside from all that, I also end up being so hungry all the time and that's when I usually don't have any control over eating fatty and junk food like chips, ice cream, chocolates, cakes and cookies! No wonder why I could gain 10lbs right away!LoL! It's easy to add in the pounds but hard to loose it! That's why I end up regretting whatever I put into my mouth! tsk...tsk...tsk...I am not so obsessed in weight loss but I am more concerned of keeping in shape! I'd like to stay slim no matter how old I am and be healthy of course. I'm sure that's what everybody likes. Easy to think but hard to do...hehehe! Well, I am challenged every time I stepped into that weighing scale and found out I am more than 100lbs! BUT I don't think I can get lower than that.hehehe!

Wordless Wednesday {So-So}

I couldn't help but to add a little bit into my photos today! Just wanted to share a bit of my sister's wedding held in the Philippines last month! I really had a blast and I love her choice of motif plus the simplicity of it all! I am glad to witness the whole thing...

A Snap of Their Wedding Band

The Matron of Honor {no other than...ME!}

And of course, the COUPLE!


Tuesday, June 10

Ever Considered Face Surgery?

I never thought that there will come a time when people can alter the look of their faces permanently. I mean, yeah women have been using cosmetics to hide imperfections or improve the look of their nose, lips or eyes but something like where the doctors can perform surgery to help you achieve the looks that you aim for! Well, not everything is attainable, you can't possibly look like a movie star that you want! I am certainly not against this but don't have the guts to do so. It can really be the greatest thing for someone like having a Rhinoplasty for those who had a broken nose from an accident or something and even a Facelift for those who have droopy skin. I'm sure someone out there is quite happy with the result! The most important thing really is to make sure that you are in good hands someone like Dr. Andrew Kleinman who is a plastic surgeon Westchester but not just another plastic surgeon, he is is board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery! So, that can guarantee you that he knows what he is doing! A patient have different concern and goal so they provide individualized plan of treatment to help you get a natural look as much as possible! Visit for any type of surgery that you are planning...

The Mouse Play When The Cat Is Away!

Definitely the case for me! Well, they might always be in trouble even when I'm around and especially when I am not around! Think about it...I left for 2 weeks and it was just hubby with my ma-n-law for a couple of days and sometimes some friends who took care of my 2 girls. I was really hesitant to leave them but hubby and I talked about the pros and cons so I just let them stay here. I know they are going to have fun though! Just like when they were at their tita Lorena...they sure had a great time whenever they're with their friends!!!

Can You Build Your Own PC?

With the demands of computers in this fast changing technology world, prices of the better ones are going high. Although the older ones get lower, that only means a new one is coming out or has come out already! It can be quite costly when you get the whole package deal. You end up spending a thousand or more! Now, what else is a better way to save some money in purchasing a pc? Perhaps find coupons or deals or even comparing prices can help but have you ever thought of building your own? Yes, you can do it yourself with this guide on How to Build a Computer! In only a few hours with a screwdriver, you are good to go! What do you get? Of course, brand new computers with branded names and a full manufacturer warranty! Save now and learn more at!

Sunday, June 8

Sticker Fun!!!

My 2 and 7month old daughter is learning fast her ABCs, numbers, body parts and even her speech is improving a lot! I always try to find a way for her to learn things easily like in a way of a game! Something like this game I found at can help your kid be aware of her body parts, also fine motor development! Try this with your child, it's fun!!!


  • 20 to 30 paper stickers
  • Paper and pencil
  • Your baby's body


  • Buy a variety of paper stickers that will interest your baby.
  • Write a list of all the stickers so you can identify them.
  • Draw an outline of your baby's body on a sheet of paper, both front and back.
  • Stand your baby in the middle of the room and apply stickers all over her body—some hidden, some in plain sight.
  • Read the name of one of the stickers from the list.
  • Have your baby try to find that particular sticker hidden on her body.
  • When she finds it, have her remove it and stick it in the appropriate place on the paper body outline.
  • Continue until all the stickers have been moved from your baby's body to the paper body.

Easy To Spot!

Right now, we are at the farm house spending our weekends here. Hubby's been busy throwing out garbage and mowing the grass while I stay cool inside the house. With this very hot weather, I prefer to stay inside the house. The kids are both having fun biking and playing outside and sometimes when I don't hear anything from them, I end up going outside to check every once in a while. Just thought of having a Telescope would be nice to spot them from indoors,LoL! Sounds lazy eh?! Well, it's a nice cool thing to have, don't you think?

Would make a nice gift for a kid or someone who likes having a telescope! If you are in search for one, this is your lucky day coz is having a sale! Only until June 13th, they offer 10% off on select telescopes so, hurry! You can also find other items at their store from Astronomy to eyewear and sport optic, even gun accessories and military gears!


Thanks Yen for this cool tag!

* 1.Determine your birthday month and get a word that rhymes with it or you can affix to it. Caps lock your birth month (ex: MAYday! JUNE dune, APRILicious, JULYvely, AUGUST pocus, parched MARCH…). Be unique.
* 2.Your birth month plus the word affixed or rhymed shall become the tag’s title in your case.
* 3.Get your birthday and add the digits involved. Example, if your birthday falls on the 25th of July, add 2 and 5 you get 7.
* 4.Whatever is the sum, write a list of the MATERIAL gifts you wish to receive, the number of which shall correspond to the sum of your birthday. For example, applying the case above (in rule number 3), you will write seven (7) things you wish to receive.
* 5.After your wish list, put your name and birthday in the Bloggers’ Birthday Directory, with a link to your blog/s. Note: when you add your birthday, please place it in a way that the dates appear chronological (January, February… 1, 2, 3)
* 6. Pass this tag/meme by tagging as many people as you want.

Name: Jenny
Birthday: May 13
Calculation: 4

My Wish List: (as of today)
Darn! Only 4???!!! LOL! Well, I don't need much except for these...

1. new bedroom set
2. new cell phone (I am have my eye set on LG Voyager!)
3. iPod would be nice but not practical, if given FREE, I wouldn't mind!
4. a laptop

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Wednesday, June 4

Wordless Wednesday

Perfect sunny day isn't it?!

Buffet Once Again!

Oh yeah, how can I resist good food?! Yesterday's another day for my guilty pleasures...and that's a buffet place! Often times after I ate there, I always think of all the pounds I'm adding into my weight and wondering where will it go? If only on my bust not my tummy but that doesn't work that way for me, LoL! Last Sunday I was at an Indian Buffet and yesterday was at an Asian Buffet and right after that, I went to stay at a friend's house and happen to check out her fitness equipment! I wish I have one but I am not even sure if I will use it! It's a good thing to have especially after eating at a buffet place,LoL!

My Sister's Wedding

I was proud to be part of my sister's wedding last 17th of May and was even happy to be able to attend 2 weddings in one trip! Yes indeed, my friend Charlene also tied the knots on the 10th of May and I tearfully watched them walk the aisle! I love weddings and would always treasure my wedding day. It might be the most stressful time of my life but all the hard work, stress, sleepless nights were all worth it! I'm sure that's how most brides feel, not sure about the grooms,LoL! In times like that, if you are the couple who are thankful to your entourage, there are ways to express your gratitude! Something like bridesmaid gifts is one of them! This way, you can give them something they can remember your special day and your gratitude for all their help!

The Winners For My Bday Giveaway!!!

We did the raffle draw this morning, finally! Congratulations to...




Email me your Paypal ID and for the rest who participated, thank you all!!!
If you want to see the rest of the Raffle Draw Photos, click here!

Tuesday, June 3

Collision Repair Experts

In search for the best collision repair shops available here in US? End your search now and visit for your auto body repair shops need! It helps you find the best among the rest since it is rated by the consumers who has the experience with the company. Restoring a vehicle from its damages in a car accident is not an easy task. You need a company where you can rely and can meet your expectation. In other words, you need the experts to tackle this problem. You need someone you can trust, who has the commitment and most of all who is competitive with others. By all means, they can perform the task well. So save your time in search for that and visit now! All you have to do is enter your zip code then you can be directed right away to the nearest best body repair shops. That's how easy it is! Although I'm glad to say that I don't need to find one since that means my car is in good condition. Nobody wants to be in a bad accident and I'm hoping I'll never experience that but with those who needs a repair with their car, better check out their website and let them help you find someone who can definitely fix your car!

Another Job!

My friend just informed me that I'll have a regular baby sitting job for her which is kinda cool! Aside from adding a little extra cash in my pocket, my kids get to enjoy some play date with their friends. They need it for I know they get so bored around here at the house and starts ruining everything. It gets them really active once they play with other kids and aside from that, Jessica will turn her attention to her friends and stop making her little sister cry. She likes doing that and I don't know why perhaps she's jealous or just plain bored. Well, I hope she'll change as she grows older. Anyways, I'm just glad to have this opportunity that's why I'm babbling here...LoL!

Who Doesn't Like Gifts?

I might be a little too old to have a bday party and get some gifts but hey! A gift is a nice gesture and always appreciated! Things that someone gave me can always melt my heart even if it's a store bought or hand made, as long as it's a gift, it's always a treasure! It's a way of feeling like someone treated you nicely, someone appreciate what you do or just someone cares, isn't it???!!! Well, for me, that's how I see it! To tell someone all that, a gift can goes a long way so give your loved ones something from today or for the next occasion! Even in ordinary times, tell your employee how much you appreciate their hard work with an employee holiday gifts! That will surely give them a motivation and well of course, who doesn't like to be appreciated?! Choose from all the wonderful gifts and tokens that has to offer. It can either be a basket of yummy goodies or a keepsake like sculptures,! It's all up to you and to the person you are giving it to. Visit for all your gift needs. Invited to a housewarming? There's all kind of gifts you can choose from their website or how about a wedding? Then stop searching and find what you can give at!


I'm just out the door now to go to my friend's place. She called me up early to hang out somewhere but we ended up planning it at her place. It's just another one of those days when I get to set aside all my household chores and go somewhere fun! LoL! Well, the kids needed to be outside with this nice warm weather and I do too! We get to paint our nails today and plans to cook some dried fish, yummy! hehehe! So, about that contest...we'll I promise I'll get to that soon!

Just What I'm Looking For!

Hubby and I have been discussing about our farm house of things like what to change, what kind of furniture to put in there, where's the driveway and all that. One thing that I've been looking for is a nice outdoor furniture that will match the little porch out in the front door and finding these teak chairs is just what I was hunting for! That one in the photo is a Florida Rocking Chair that I really like! It's simple and functional. So, I am hoping we can purchase something like that for the front porch! Kinda nice to have when you get your hot coffee in the morning and just sit out there staring at the front yard with lots of trees...or how about reading your newspaper in the middle of the day? What a life eh? Now, think about relaxing or having an afternoon nap while rocking that teak chair? Pretty neat! Wish I can have the luxury of time! Maybe someday when we move to the farm house...Check out all the other furniture available at and you might find what you have been looking for! Find something that can be perfect for your house. It's not always easy to find a great outdoor furniture but will help you with that!

I Apologize...

I apologize for not having the winners right now for the contest! I was just so busy yesterday tackling some household chores. I haven't been doing the laundry for the past 2weeks and you can imagine how much load of laundry I have to do! Plus the dishes in our kitchen sink were taking all the space in our counter...bad, really bad! So, I took care of that and have a new pile again today! Even laundry is still not done. I am just halfway through that. So, please bear with me in regards to the contest...I hope I can do that today! I hope!

Monday, June 2

Call Centers

A call center is the answer to your business needs! I think that's what my hubby needs for his company coz his phone is ringing off the hook and sometimes I couldn't stand it since it rings even on holidays, weekends and at night! That's because he got some international customers and you really can't do anything about that coz that's business! Well, just in case you might be needing an Answering Service, there's MAP Communications that can help you! They do Answering Services with ultimate control and flexibility! There's no need to put your call on hold, which can be very irritating to the other line for sure! Messages doesn't go to the wrong persons. You can even add emergency response services. It's all customizable! Visit now to find a solution in your call answering problems! In regards to hubby's company, this might be the solution and will surely tell him about this. Just trying to share it with others who might happen to stop by here in my blog.

What They Got

The only thing I made sure when I went back here is to have something for my beloved kids and hubby! My hubby dearest made sure that I'll bring back some Tanduay {which is his favorite liquor}. Once he tried it in the Phils. he couldn't get enough...well, he's good at making it last forever. One bottle could last him for 3 yrs, seriously! So, I didn't mind bringing him 2 bottles of Tanduay! Aside from that, a coconut wine, shirt and a cap that says "I love Davao" and a picture clip from HongKong. For my kids, my mom bought them Dora and Princess purses each and accessories...they were all happy with what they got!

Digital Recipes

Love cooking?! Love it or hate it, it's part of life! Sometimes I enjoy it, other times just lazy about it,LoL! For those who enjoys cooking and even have their own recipes...there's a great place for you to add your recipe online. Share it with others or just check out what others have. Even those who are not into cooking, this might be your chance to learn liking it,hehehe! Start by going to and start finding recipes, adding recipes, Cooking Printing and more! It's very easy to add your recipe online. I did it myself in simple steps and added this one...

Eggplant Omelet

See Eggplant Omelet on Key Ingredient.

What are you waiting for? Join now with a very quick registration and it's free! That recipe of mine is just one among all the recipes I tried here.

Contest Is Over!

I'm so sorry peeps for my late post. I was just a bit busy around here so, I didn't have a time to do the raffle draw yesterday. I would like to thank everybody who participated my bloggie contest which ended on the 31st of May...AND now for the list of entries! {If your name is in the list that means you are entitled for that certain raffle draw which is today and the winner will be announced ASAP}

*Lucky Guess*

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I will be back for the winners, promise!GOODLUCK TO ALL!!!