Wednesday, October 29

Expenses Before Job?

That's what I'm up to right now, hehehe! I was able to convince hubby to let me have this apartment for 600bucks a month and I promised to take care of the bills which includes gas, electric, sewer, water, internet and cable! Imagine that?! Like I have the resources to pay all that!hahahah! Well, he thought I'd be working by now which I kinda thought as well. Unfortunately, I can't decide what field to jump right in. I'm willing to work at Macy's {who is hiring right now for the holidays} but contrary to what hubby thinks I can do., he is more concerned of a certain field that I am good at, where I can use my talent and where my passion is at! Well, I myself couldn't figure that out! *grinning* I just want something where I could keep myself occupied aside from chores and kids and of course make some moolah! Perhaps I could try to find a franchise opportunity or a business for sale to start something! I know it can be profitable if you know what you are getting into, of course with some luck too, you are good to go...Right now, I just keep on reminding hubby to find my old resume so I can update it. It's in one of the pc's he got coz he made it for me! I could do it myself but just not confident enough that my resume could be something interesting that's when I needed hubby to help me with!hehehehe! Excuses! Excuses!

Wednesday, October 22

The Games We Play!

What kind of games do you usually play with your kids? I know for sure that playing games with them is a good quality time and will instill in their memories for a lifetime! With my eldest, we can play monopoly but not all the time since my youngest feel left alone not knowing what's going on. We also play puzzles which they both love to do! I try to play hide and seek with them and it's a lot of fun too! There are so many other games that we play together and they sure love it, I do too! I just wonder if I have boys...what certain games they would like to play that I can join? For sure, I'll try to be a cool mom who can play PS2 games with them if that's the trend or whatever it is that boys like to play!hehehe! Anyway I can spend time with them, I'll do it!

Apple Butter Festival

It was a great privilege for me to come and join the festivities at Perrysburg...The Apple Butter Festival and also called "craft show"...It was nice to see what they got there and so many arts and crafts of course but I was more interested on all the costumes that people wear, tractors, food, how they make candles, ropes,apple butter and so many more...We got there very early to get a good parking spot and it was the smart thing to do knowing that they'll be like thousands of people around noon! Jessica had a lot of fun getting her hands on to these stuff...

Finding The Perfect Bedding

I've been searching for a perfect bedding in my girl's bunked. I wanted it to be somewhat girly but making sure they can grow with the style. What I mean is, not picking any character that in a year from now, they wouldn't like know how they change from dora to ariel or any princesses and becomes cheesy when they are 10 or older,hehehe! How I wish I'd still be looking for a crib bedding since it's easier to find one at! I tell yah, this is not like ordinary bedding where you see pooh and his friends or mickey and any disney character...They have chic, stylish and unique designs. Kinda like what I'm looking for in my girl's room but they're no longer babies = ( Nice that made their bedding into something more modern, clean tones and colors with high quality fabrics!

Apple Picking

My kids had a full blast fall experience even if this season is quite short. I tell yah, it feels like winter already and we didn't enjoy the colors longer than last year...blaming it to the rain!hehehe! Anyways, it was such a great opportunity for us to go along for a trip with a friend since we were able to do apple and pumpkin picking in one day! It's our 1st time to do the apple picking and too bad dad wasn't there to experience it with us...just nice to see how excited my girls were to see apples all over and they love that fruit, for sure!

Monday, October 20

Whatta Weekend!!!

How was your weekend guys? Sorry been so caught up with stuff here and couldn't even have the chance to bloghop! BUT I thank those who doesn't hesitate to stop by and leave a comment! Hopefully one day I can sit down and pay visit to you all!!! For now, I have a lot of things to catch up! Tasks, laundry, cleaning up...Tomorrow I have some guests to see the farm and too bad they missed the peak of fall! STILL it would be nice for them to see the place! It's not ready for a show yet most especially the house but I know that's not what they want to, no big deal! Anyways, gotta go and start cleaning up at least a bit,hehehe and check out this spray booth...just curious what it is!

Friday, October 17

Pumpkin Picking

Another fun time with kiddos during the pumpkin picking! Well, actually, we didn't pick any since I wanted to do that with my hubby {as a whole family}. Unfortunately, he got lots of things to do during that time so, he wasn't able to join the trip! Anyways, it was great to take pictures of the kids and they sure enjoy picking out pumpkins {just for pictures!}hehehe! I would certainly love to choose one that can be made into a delicious pie! I love pumpkin pie, I tell yah! It's my favorite pie! I always make a bunch during Thanksgiving and Christmas! Here are my kiddos enjoying the pumpkin field!!!

Wanting a Boy?

I blogged about my daughter's bday party at Wandering Thuoughts and a part of a bday celebration is opening the gifts and to me it's priceless to see my daughter's glow in her eyes when she see that favorite cartoon character! Even just a simple tie that can cost a buck or two but have that fave character there, you'll guaranteed to make her really happy!!! I am really amazed that she still likes Dora and thinking she'll be into princess stuff by now like her elder sis way back when she was 3! I guess they are totally different. My eldest totally hates Dora by now but I used to enjoy seeing her dancing and singing with Dora when she was 2...ahhh...those days are always good memories!!! Just wondering if ever I have a boy, what would he be most most likely to play with? Dinosaurs?rc helicopter? Trucks and Cars? Soldier Toys? Would be kinda nice to have a boy someday...Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and contented with my girls but another boy in the family aside from hubby would be nice! hehehe!

Monday, October 13

A Lot of Quality Time!

These past 2 weekends, I was out with my girls for a road trip with friends! The 1st weekend was all about the lighthouse! For the 2nd weekend was the apple picking, pumpkin patch and I'll share about that sometime!

We travel all the lighthouses in Ohio but of course, couldn't make it in just one, by Sunday we were still on our quest! The nice thing about each lighthouses is the fact that they are different from one another. Each has a different scene, some can be a rocky road to get closer to it, others are sandy beaches, with a park or in a small town surrounded by buildings. I think my girls were having a lot of fun and the best part is, although it's kinda stressful being stuck in between the two in the car for a long mile journey, I believe it was well spent quality time with both of them*wink* {MORE PICS AT MY OTHER BLOG!}

Missing The Bus!

My eldest has been missing riding the bus since I moved to the apartment. I just feel bad for her getting up so early at the farm house and have about 1hr ride while at the apartment, it's like 10mins drive but the bus route is even worse! It will take 2 buses for her to get to the school and more than 1hr, now that to me is really insane! So, I'd rather just drive and pick her up but I know she enjoys riding with other kids too in the bus! It's too bad we can't make use of the school bus. Now, since I'm sharing about bus here, take a look at if you ever consider to rent, repairor buy a bus!Just a tip!

Wednesday, October 8


Yes I am PRO bugs! Well, the good bugs that is...and what I am babbling about? I just discovered a new product from Lifeway which is PROBUGS Organic. What this very similar to yogurt and to tell yah, my family loves yogurt! It's even part of our breakfast meal and now that I am introduced to this new product, Probugs, I might as well have this for breakfast in our family. The reason why is not only because of the nutrition facts and the benefits we could get from it but also the convenient of having it in a simple package that I can carry anywhere and give it right away to the kids (no spoons, no mess) and that to me is something I always consider having kids and being on-the-go mom! Oh before I could get carried away with how easy it is to carry around and drink it anywhere...let me tell you all about this great product! This can help stimulate digestion plus it enhances immune system {with my Kindergarten bringing home all kinds of virus, I think it's best to find any food that can boost immune system, right?} and oh yeah it is perfect for someone like me who is lactose intolerant! There are plenty more good stuff about it so, you better check it out at any store! Remember it's Lifeway ProBugs Organic!

Friday, October 3

Wanna Know Who's Calling?

You wouldn't think twice, when the phone rings...either from your cellphone or landline, you go right into the caller ID to see who it's a bummer if you don't know who's number it is, right? Don't you wanna know? If so, you can now with a reverse phone search service for free at! It's one click of your mouse to find out those unknown callers, telemarketers or annoying prank calls. You can look it up online right away and it's all confidential. I think this is a pretty sleak thing! I could use this one for sure! Coz not all the time you know the number. Just out of curiousity maybe?hehehe! Whatever your reasons are, go ahead and try this phone search from!

Got My New Place!

Yep! I finally has the key to the apartment I've been talking about! 1st of Oct. was the day I could get it but I was too busy to drop by at the Realtor Office. So, yesterday...I was able to finally have it in my hands and got the garage key as well. It was pretty neat having that place! I was there with my youngest cleaning up, putting some clothes in the closet...that's what I can do for now since I don't have the strength to lift any furniture from the old house, other than that, it's quite far too! An hour and 20mins drive. That's why I wanted to hire some movers but hubby thinks we can do it all coz pretty much all we need in the apartment are the basic stuff like bed for kids and us, couches and dining table. I just wanted it done in one trip but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Oh well, I'm back to the farm house again and hoping this is my last night here. I have to continue packing stuff today, arrange the bus pick up and drop off for Jessica at the new place and move around some bills to my name. While here at the farm house, a guy already started putting up tiles in the bathroom and giving me samples for kitchen cabinets. I am hoping in 6mos stay at the apartment, lots of improvements I can see from this farm house! Dunno yet if we are able to get the other house ready for market. I think that will have to wait til my father gets here...Oh well just an update! Pretty happy about how things are doin' here...

Wednesday, October 1

You're Invited!

Just a simple invitation I made for my niece yesterday. It was kinda a rush thing since I didn't have time last weekend to scrap. They were asking for this to print it out asap and I hope it can still make the cut! Well, in the Philippines, even if you invite people up to the last minute, you can still expect them to come over, really! hehehe! It wouldn't work here, I know...too bad we can't join the party this Friday, just photos to look at, hehehe!

I also made an email invitation for my Katie's 3rd Bday! It's coming up pretty soon and good thing I remembered it in my "to do list" to took care of it this morning. It's going to be at Chuck E. Cheese since she loves that place and I like the idea that I don't have to worry about the activities and food. They even have cake and goodie bags ready! I can't wait til she celebrates it and have some fun!!!

Oh yeah, since I've mentioned about my "to do list", I gotta start checking out Mesothelioma lawyer, it got me curious after reading an article about it!

Visit. Join. Win.

Would you like to win some prizes? Well, actually it's not just's $200 plus worth of prizes!!! Interested? You just have to check it out here to find out how to join this contest. It's very easy to join as a matter of fact, since I get a little time here to blog, I simply blog about it and get an entry! SCORE!hehehe! We'll see if I can do more than this and get more entries for the, try your luck too and join NOW!!!