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Tuesday, May 6

Wordless Wednesday

Professional Retro

Old School

Lighten Color Whisper

Wednesday, April 30

Wordless Wednesday

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Wednesday, April 23

Wordless Wednesday

Guess what it is...

Coz I really don't know!


Wednesday, April 16

Wordless Wednesday

Our Farm House

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Wednesday, April 2

Wordless Wednesday

Hubby's Growing Tomatoes 'n Peppers

Wednesday, February 13

Can You Guess What This Is?

Just saw this one from my files last month and I thought it would be a nice guessing game probably easy to tell though!hehehehe! Just sometimes it's too boring to see something common and perfect, just had an appreciation for blurred or imperfect photos lately,hehehe!

Wednesday, January 23

Wordless Wednesday

I kinda like it that I got lots of pics to show for this time! Usually, I end up empty handed since I just don't know what to post but this time, after our trip to guess it! I have plenty! I think I took about a 100photos each day,LoL! And these ones were during the last days at Jackson, Florida. They have very pretty beaches out there, only thing was too chilly so, the beach was a bit lonely BUT we had a lot of fun taking pictures,hehehe!

More of My Wordless Wednesday (Disney Night Parade)

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Wednesday, November 21

If only they're not poisonous!

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Tuesday, November 6

Have A Clue What This Is???

I actually posted this before here and I'm still intrigued of this weird thing!Maybe you know what it is!

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Wednesday, September 19

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Wednesday, September 12

Wednesday, August 1

The Mammoth's Cave

Tuesday, July 17

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Wednesday, July 4

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Wednesday, June 27

Details Here!

Wednesday, June 20

Below is the entry about this photo...

Tuesday, June 12

And I'm keeping my distance...

Wednesday, June 6

Daddy & JC!

Wednesday, May 30

Wednesday, May 23

(May 11-14)